Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mary Kay 2009 Seminary -- Oh, My Goodness!

Okay, so MK Seminar 2009 - Shine On will truly be shining in me at least until Seminar 2010.

I wish I could share with everyone right now the new products coming out in September, but I do not want to be the one to let the cat out of the bag before all of the seminar affiliations have had a chance to experience things.

But I can talk about my first Mary Kay Seminar experience!My Director had described seminar as a Marathon and it truely's a marathon getting around but most of all it's a marathon of the brain...the education received at this event was truly 2nd to none!

After visiting family in Austin I arrived in Dallas the morning of July 19th ready to register and just start to take things in. After registration thefirst big event of Day 0 was the NSD Rally for my areas! The Majesty Reception was one of the highlights of the celebration having had to earn your position at the event I will cherish my first Majesty Reception button for years to come. The Area banquet and Rewards Ceremony were nothing short of entertainment and YES I was on stage for some of the greatest honors of the night 10 show week and for sharing the MK was amazing to be up there with my boa on...I was a rock star.

Day 1:

The first official day of seminar was full of new product debuts, training, and motivational speeches. But that night was my favorite of all when we met with our individual units. Our unit met in conjunction with my Director's Senior and was full of the creating of new relationships with sister conusultants, awards, training, and even more motivation.

I was the Queen of Sharing (yes, me a Queen) and I was #2 in my Unit for sales (not bad for only 3 months in the company!)

Day 2:

The second day was HUGE. Unbelievable training and then more training and just when you thought they wouldn't have anymore they would give you some more training. The evening of Day 2 brought the famous Mary Kay awards ceremony of which you would have thought you were at the academy awards, Cirque de Soleil, or a Broadway production.

Day 3:

The last day of seminar was really the most inspirational for me as I listened to the #1 and #2 Directors in the Sapphire seminar speak about their experiences and how they made it to the top. These were speaches that nobody at seminar should have missed...these two speeches for worth the price of registration alone!dw

Overall Mary Kay Seminar 2009 ranks on one of my most rewarding experiences of my life!

Can't wait to share the new products with you...I will blog about these products with the close of the last Mary Kay seminar on August 1st!


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