Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Mary Kay Opportunity

This morning I went to another Mary Kay career breakfast and it was of my favorite directors spoke and I have a great meeting with my director afterwards. I got to my car and it was 1:20pm. I talked with my director for 2 hours and it felt like 20 minutes...we had such a great conversation.

So, after a great meeting this morning I wanted to talk about why I chose Mary Kay and my opinion of the company and the opportunity. This is not meant to be a blog about getting anyone to sign up with Mary Kay but just sharing my thoughts.

I have been in Mary Kay since March 31st of this year and I signed up to service myself, my sisters, my aunt, and my niece with product and I thought the people were nice, almost to nice, but nice and figured I could hang out with them every once in awhile. I went on the internet and researched the opportunity and found negative things about it from former consultants and directors and many positive things too and chose to take a shot at it! My first quarter in the business I went to meetings and told people I was selling and they bought. I sold a lot so I had a debut and I sold even more, so I thought..."Okay, lets see what I can do with this." and ended up being the #3 consultant in my National's area in my first quarter. I worked hard, I sold, and I did well...and most of all I had FUN!!! It's my girl time and I LOVE it and I make money, good money doing it. So, after 3 months of success I thought I need to decide what I really want to do with this business and so....

Today I sat with my director and discussed being a director and she gave me words of encouragement and told me what she thought of me all good of course. Now, I know what you are thinking, that she wants to push me because she will make more money and she will but you know my director and I didn't really see eye to eye on some things in the beginning which in turn actually made our relationship even stronger and brought us to a point where we tell each other the truth and just put it out there no sugar coating. If I think something is bogus I tell her and she tells me what she thinks/believe etc.

So, some of you do not know me personally and some of you do, but I pose a question to you....Do you think/believe I should be a director? I pose this question to you whether you are a consultant on my team , a friend, or whoever. Give it to me...tell me what you think!

If you do not know about the Mary Kay opportunity I challenge you to contact me and listen to the opportunity and tell me your thoughts. If you listen to the opportunity and fill out a survey I will send you a FREE gift. You also need to post on my blog what you think about the opportunity and me becoming a director.

Sorry for being so long winded!


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